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We have your back! Get downtime alerts at the right time with a detailed error screenshot.

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    Why monitor your website with UptimeSage?


    Real-time alerts

    We’ll alert you when your website goes down through various channels. With 1 minute checks from different locations, you are in safe hands


    Error screenshot

    We'll send you a detailed screenshot via email containing the error message your website incurs. See what your website visitors are seeing


    SSL & TLD expiration

    Improve your SEO rankings by always ensuring your SSL certificate and domain name are not expired. We'll notify you before they expire

    Trusted by over 30,000 of the world’s leading companies

    Never miss website downtime alerts

    We guarantee you'll be the first one to know when your website goes down. Each check is tested from 6+ locations for accurate alerts to any device.


    Uptime monitoring reimagined.

    Get a screenshot of the error your website encounters, and a second-by-second timeline with our fastest 30-second checks. .

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      Website Response Time Monitoring

      Website response time is how long it takes for your website to connect and send data back to an end-user browser. We record the time your web server takes to respond every time an uptime check is made.

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